Dimitris Fampas

the guitarist, composer  and professor  (1922 - 1996)

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Dimitris Fampas, guitarist, composer


Dimitris Fampas, (December 22nd, 1921-May 3rd, 1996) was born in Milina, of Lafkos, a small village on Pilion mountain near the harbor city of Volos. As a child he used to play songs and traditional music with a lute and to learn the mandolin. He was very talented and his father, Evangelos, a sea captain, bought him a guitar and took the decision to send the young Dimitris for serious musical studies in Athens. Dimitris Fampas studied theory with Th.Vavayiannis and counterpoint with K.Kydoniatis at the Athens Conservatory. He studied classical guitar with Nicholas Ioannou, and in 1953, he received a diploma in classical guitar performance 'Com laude' from the National Conservatory of Greece. During the difficult years of the 2nd World War and the Axis occupation of Greece he joined the National Liberation Front, offering as much as he could to the struggle for freedom. He gave lots of concerts for the National Solidarity and the "Dish of the Child".
In 1955 and 1956 he received a scholarship from the Italian goverment to study guitar with Andres Segovia and musicology with Emilio Pujol at the Academia Chigianna in Sienna. In 1959 he studied once more with Segovia at the Academy of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, receiving a scholarship by Segovia himself.
In 1957 he married to Evgenia Gyftopoulou and they had two children, Evangelo and Eva.
Dimitris Fampas Guitar News magazine
Fampas' international performing career spanned almost four decades. He performed hundreds of personal recitals worldwide. He performed live recitals for the Radio and the TV in Greece, Spain etc. He performed extensivelly in England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yogoslavia, Turkey, USA, Canada, USSR and Vatican. He also appeared in most major cities of Greece as well as in the Ancient Theater of Epidavros. He performed some wonderful guitar concertos such as the L.Boccherini-Cassado concerto and the "Para Tres Hermanas" guitar concerto by Álberto Pizzini. A highly acclaimed artist he received the warmest applause from the audiences and ovations by the press who wrote for him "Dazzling guitar from Greece" (Abedzeitung, Germany 1968), "Greek guitarist - formidable style" (the Ottawa Journal -Canada 1971), "Greek guitarist's show traces history on the guitar" (Ottawa citizen -1971), "Dimitris Fampas, a great Greek guitarist" (La voz de Galicia-Spain), "Guitarist shows great sensitivity" (Independent Journal-California 1971).

(in this rare video Dimitris Fampas plays Sevilla by I. Albeniz)

Besides the many personal recordings he offered us through the years, Dimitri Fampas recorded some fine theater and film music by Greek composers such as Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hatzidakis, Argiris Kounadis and Stavros Xarhakos. For more than a decade through the 60's Fampas collaborated as a soloist to all the theatrical and film music productions of those famous greek composers, being the first classical guitarist to perform on stage and to record this music, contributing to the excellent quality of this music offering to the guitar a large popularity.

REVISTA MENSUAL, 1960 Barcelona -
The compositions of D.Fampas manifest his creative inspiration and render the calm beauty of his country. His Greek dances were loudly applauded.
IL TELEGRAFO of Italy, 1964 -
As a composer D.Fampas has showed that he has a sound inspiration and research both harmonious and expressive for something new. Among his fine compositions we mention his Bolero and Greek dance.

Simultaneously to his performing and teaching activities, Fampas composed over two hundred solos, studies and dances, enriching the guitar literature. Fampas' own compositions raised a lot of applause wherever they were being performed and became favorites in guitar circles. His music skillfully written for guitar, very romantic and lyric, richly dominated by Greek traditional elements, colors and rhythms expresses his love for the guitar and his country, his strong and passionate personality. His work has been
published by Ricordi Milano-IT, Ricordi Brazil, Max Eschig Paris-FR, Columbia music USA, Lathkil music publishers London-UK, Ph.Nakas and Papagrigoriou-Nakas Athens-GR, M.Nikolaidis-Orpheus editions Athens GR, MEL BAY - USA, BALKANOTA Bg. These compositions are often mandatory repertoire of International Guitar competitions, are included in the repertoire of guitarists around the world and recorded for radio and TV programs and cds.

THE TIMES of London, 1961-
From the most interesting compositions of the programme were some small works of the executor(D.Fampas), skillfully written for guitar and agreeable to hearing. Among them two dances that were distinguished.
LA NAZIONE of Firenze, 1964-
D.Fampas had moments of mastery with five of his own compositions which were particularly applauded for their magnificent technique and exceptional sensitivity.


concert fampas dimitris fampas dimitris tv recital

Dimitris Fampas taught at the National Conservatory of Athens where he created a world famous guitar school. Tens of thousands of guitarists have been produced by Fampas and his disciples over the past forty years. Some 38 prizes in International guitar competitions were won by Fampas students. Among his famous students Liza Zoi, Evangelos Assimakopoulos, Evangelos Boudounis, Notis Mavroudis,
Kostas Grigoreas, Kiriakos Giorginakis, Elefteria Kotzia, Markos Tsetsos, Evangelos Fampas, Dimitris Kasfikis, Kostas Tseregof, Michael Nothdurft, Eva Fampas, Yorgos Kertsopoulos, Irene Konsta, Vassilis Mastorakis, George Mavroedes, Nikos Panayiotidis, Angelos Agiranopoulos are included. Dimitri Fampas created as well as two guitar orchestras, one for children and another one with advanced guitarists, with whom he performed numerous concert appearances and tours in Greece between 1979-1989. Very often was member of the juries in International Competitions and gave master-classes in numerous seminars and International festivals. He also gave lots of lectures for the history of the guitar in the Greek Radio and TV, BBC, Hungary, Czeckoslovakia, USA etc.

He served as a President of the Union Of the Professors of Conservatories of Athens, he was member of the Greek Composers' Union, member of the Greek National Board of Music/IMC UNESCO etc. His life and artistic contribution are mentioned in the National and International Who's Who, Cambridge dictionary of biographies of famous men and scholars as well as in the Guitar dictionaries and music history books of Japan, England, Poland, GDR, Italy and Greece (Papyrus Larouse, Haris Patsis etc).

His life became a fairy-tale for children by Denis Ronda "The tales of faith". His life and artistic contribution to music and to the society, for which he was honored with numerous awards and medals by cultural associations, music clubs and Municipalities, were presented and broadcasted for the Greek TV, along with a personal interview to G. Sgourakis (Director) in the series "monogram" famous greek artists and scientists. In 1999, a double cd titled Dimitris Fampas, The Guitar Album, including all his previous recordings for Polydor, was released from the Universal music/Polydor masters in a series of Historical Recordings.

festival lafkou 2008 ekthesi The
Guitar Friends Association DIMITRIS FAMPAS, a non profit cultural society, was founded in 1999 under the initiative of the Guitarist-Professor Eva Fampas dedicated to serving D. Fampas' personality and music, to celebrate guitar excellence, to encourage and support new talented artists and promote the Greek guitar music.

On January 11 2006, Dimitris Fampas' ARCHIVES, including music, editions, lectures, concert programmes and newspapers as well as a great collection of photoes concerning his life and career, were donated to the BENAKI MUSEUM of Athens, for a better use and future exchibition of this exceptional material by
Eva Fampas and Evangelos Fampas, his children.

Honoring the memory of Dimitris Fampas the Cultural Club of Lafkos "The Action"  organizes  since 2007 an annual guitar festival, The Lafkos International Guitar Days. Artistic Director of the festival is the Pr. Eva Fampas.

During the 2nd edition of the festival in 2008, the BENAKI Museum of Athens - Historical Archives organized an exhibition concerning the life and work of Dimitris Fampas. Title of the exhibition was "Dimitris Fampas, the pioneer and virtuoso guitarist"

VRADINI, Athens 1964 (Alexandra Lalaouni)-
At the recital where we heard also his compositions it was proven that D.Fampas possesses a creative talent and sincere inspiration. His composition Poem is a small masterpiece.
NIKI , Athens 1964 (Ioli Boukouvala)-
For the work of D.Fampas we have spoken formerly also. It is agreeable that the literature of the guitar is getting richer with masterpieces, rich in inspiration, melody and harmonious findings.


Remembering Dimitris Fampas
by Uros Docjinovic, CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE (UK), volume 25, No 10, June 2007

by Michalis Mavromichalis, SOUNDBOARD guitar magazine (USA), volume XXXIII,Nos.1-2 2007




List of published works

For 2 Guitars

Two Greek Dances, ( Lathkill Music publishers - London UK)
«Ballos dance for two guitars» - «Corfu dance for two guitars» Two exciting, rhythmical concert pieces.    Fingering by Eva Fampas.   Available through: www.lathkillmusic.co.uk & www.spanishguitar.com

Fantasy for two guitars,  (Papagrigoriou - Nakas - Athens Gr)                                                                       A wonderful, romantic and virtuosic concert piece which is included in the edition "Dimitris Fampas - Music for Guitar" Volume 2. Available through: www.panasmusic.gr & www.spanishguitar.com


For 3 Guitars / Guitar ensemble

Greek Fiesta, (BALKANOTA editions – Sofia Bg)      An exciting, rhythmical concert piece which is included in the series “Collection Eva Fampas”.   Available through: www.balkanota.infowww.trekel.de


The Grand Ballos.   For 3 guitars (Papagrigoriou - Nakas, Athens Gr)           It is included in the edition "Dimitris Fampas - Music for Guitar" Volume 3. Available through: www.panasmusic.gr & www.spanishguitar.com

Ode to Peace, based on the lyrics by Yannis Ritsos, for voice/chorus & 3 guitars / guitar ensemble. (Papagrigoriou - Nakas, Athens Gr)              It is included in the edition "Dimitris Fampas - Music for Guitar" Volume 4.   Available through: www.panasmusic.gr & www.spanishguitar.com

For Solo Guitar

Dimitris Fampas - Music for Guitar

Volumes 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 (Papagrigoriou - Nakas, Athens Gr) 4 collections with marvellous works as his famous Greek Dances, Suite in an Old style, Greek Suite, March al Español, Fantastic Dance, Poem, and other shorter pieces Available through: www.panasmusic.gr & www.spanishguitar.com

24 Concert Studies, dedicated to Ida Presti & Andrés Segovia (editions Phil. Nakas, Athens Gr).

A highly acclaimed work with plenty of melodies and romantic moments, written to develope the technique and musicality of talented players Available through: www.nakas.gr & www.adagio.gr

23 Melodies for children and young guitarists,  (editions Phil. Nakas, Athens Gr)

wonderful short concert pieces. Revised and fingered by Eva Fampas Available through: www.nakas.gr & www.adagio.gr

Melodies for young guitarists, (editions M. Nikolaidis - Orpheus, Athens Gr )

a fantastic collection of shorter works, studies, preludes, dances and variations. Revised and fingered by Eva Fampas. Available through: www.music-house.gr & www.adagio.gr


melbay fampasAn Anthology of Dimitris Fampas guitar music

editions MEL BAY, compiled, revised and fingered by Eva Fampas. Published by MEL BAY, Available through :  MELBAY and  www.amazon.com


Older editions like:

  • Danza Greca n. 1 / Karaguna ( Ricordi, Milano IT).
  • Bolero ( Columbia USA) .
  • Conte ( Ìax-Eschig, Paris, France).
  • Danse Grecque / Sousta ( Ìax-Eschig Paris, France).
  • Prelude Moderne ( Ìax-Eschig Paris, France).
  • Vision (Max-Eschig Paris, France )



Are Available through: www.guitargallerymusic.comwww.partituras.comwww.sheetmusicplus.comwww.di-arezzo.comwww.gspguitar.comhttp://www.durand-salabert-eschig.com/www.alle-noten.de/





(a universal music company-polydor masters). a double cd. Music by D.Fampas and his transcriptions on M.Xatzidaki's and M.Theodoraki's songs.
A HISTORICAL RECORDING available through: UNIVERSAL music A.E, 296 Mesogion st., 155 10 Holargos, Greece, P.O.Box 66017 TEL:010-6595200, email:umgreece@umusic.com

dot gia cds EVA FAMPAS.
EVA FAMPAS plays FAMPAS (AULIA AA69001 - May 2005) - Greek Suite, Greek Dances, 2 concert studies, Segovia's Portrait, 3 Romantic Preludes, Poem, Fantastic Dance, Fairy tale
"George Mavroedes plays music by D.Fampas" (edition TAR 2007) - 7 Melodies
works for two guitars. Greek song of Thessaly, Greek Dance Ballos, Greek dance of  Corfu

dot gia cds ALISON STEPHENS - CRAIG OGDEN, Souvenirs for mandolin and  guitar  (CHANDOS, CHAN 10563) - Sousta

bulet DUO GHILIONE - ROZADO, AGUA E VINHO (2010) - Two Greek Dances for 2 guitars (Corfu - Ballos)
dot gia cds DUO ARADA.
"Mediterranean". (Landor records, 2008) - Corfu for two guitars
dot gia cds ERLING MOLDRUP.
"Lyrical Landscapes". (Jyske Musikkonservatorium 2006) - Guitar song no 1, Romanza 
"Fuoco". (Harmonia Mundi) - Greek Suite
dot gia cds L.KANARIS - Y.FOUDOULIS.
"Greek Impressions". (Subways music, 2005) - Fantasia for two guitars
dot gia cds EVA FAMPAS.
A guitar portrait of fantasy. (wave music 124-2)
Vision, Poem, Greek dance no3 Sousta, Greek dance Tsamikos, The girl in green
The Blue Guitar. (Pearl-Pavillion records). - Greek dance no1 Karagouna, Greek dance no3 Sousta
dot gia cds BEN SCHENSTEAD.
Sunburst - Greek dance no3 Sousta 
dot gia cds HILL-WILTSCHINSKY guitar duo
Ritual Fire Dance (Hillhouse 003) - Fantasia for 2 guitars
dot gia cds EVA FAMPAS.
Greek composers - D.FAMPAS' music for guitar. (MOTIVO 1022) - Suite no3, Poem, Conte, Danse Imaginaire, Jeux d'enfants, Three Greek dances Karagouna, Vlacha, Sousta. 
dot gia cds NOTIS MAVROUDIS.
plays (M.P.M.GREECE, 1001) - Greek dance no 1 Karagouna
the classical guitar (vedette records) - Greek dance no3 Sousta
dot gia cds MARKOS TSETSOS
DIMITRI FAMPAS' music (MOTIVO 1018) - A Heart-felt conversation with Andres Segovia, Triplet memory for Emilio Pujol, Reverie, Brazilian vals for R.Simoes. Greek dance Syrtos, Greek dance Ballos, Concert studies no 14, 5 ,15, 18. 
the Trip (MV 88.039) Greek composers write for 2 guitars. - Fantasia for 2 guitars.. 
dot gia cds BELA FOGARASI
music by RODRIGO-KOSHKIN-FAMPAS-PIAZZOLA - Greek Suite No 4, Valsa de Brazilia
dot gia cds ZOLTAN TOKOS
music around the world (Hungaroton Classic LTD-Records) - Greek Dance Sousta
dot gia cds GALINA VALE
The Great Gates of Kiev, - Etude
dot gia cds VARVARA GYRA
"LIVE! 2003". - Greek Dance Sousta
dot gia cds
"Master Class, half century of Greek guitarists". (Eros music,gr) Greek dance Karaguna, Greek Dance Tsamikos soloist DIMITRIS FAMPAS
dot gia cds "Greek Guitarists play Greek Composers".
(TAR - TIMBRO 04-02) - 3 Melodies , soloist George Mavroedes
dot gia cds "The paths of the guitar".
(KEPA Verias - Conservatory of Veria Municipality) - Prelude soloist Christos Sarkatzis
"GREEK GUITAR MUSIC", (NAXOS 2014) - Greek Suite, Sousta, Vals



cd eva fampas plays fampas cd lyrical ritual dance cd cd blue guitar arada tokos



souvenirs capriccio diabolico kanaris foudoulis tar cd franscesca GREEK GUITAR MUSIC, Eva Fampas guitar / cd NAXOS








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